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Completion of a Cycle

6 months ago I started upon a new adventure.

I decided to learn how to make my own honey wine, a.k.a. mead.  This weekend was the completion of this adventure.  Well, the ending of the first round as I will certainly do it again!

After waiting and waiting and, yes, more waiting, it was finally time to put all that lovely liquid into their own individual bottles.  There they will rest and age for probably another three months before the drinking starts but I can tell you now that the flavors turned out better than I had expected!

I had four batches on the go, two 1-gallon jugs (beet & rose) and two 2.5 gallon carbuoys (raspberry/pomegranate and mild orange spice).

Isn’t it great when something turns out better than you hoped for?  Talk about some feel good moments.  And tasty sippings.  Not to mention all the future drinking.  After bottling, this is what my wine rack looks like:

As all good endings contain the seed of a new beginning, this ending has brought the opportunity to get some new meads started.  Yay, more mead!

Pumpkin pie is bubbling away in one bucket (primary fermentation) and mango in another.  Can I wait another six months before getting to enjoy them?  Absolutely.  Because I don’t have a choice.  😉

May you enjoy your favourite beverage this week.



Beet Mead is Greedy!

I got home today and my fourth batch of mead (though you must understand I only started making my first batch about a month ago) had—okay, backing up.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about mead is a honey alcohol (grapes lead to wine, hops to beer, honey to mead).  This particular batch of mead on my counter is going through its primary fermentation stage (stick it all in a bucket with yeast and let the yeast eat the honey to create the wonderfulness of alcohol).  I’m experimenting – it’s primary ingredient (besides the honey) is beets.

Yes, this is strange, but what’s life without a little experimentation?

So I set it all in motion on Sunday.  Today is Wednesday.  Now I don’t know much about ‘normal’.  This is only my fourth time ever and I don’t know the results yet for my first batches.  But what I’ve been told is that you wait about a week and a half before ‘racking’ the mead which means putting it in a glass jar with an airlock on it to head into the land of secondary fermentation (okay, I’m guessing at the label but it seems reasonable).

Again, today is Wednesday.  It’s been 4 days.  4.  And the damn mead ate all the honey.  It was buzzing so strong for the first three days that it was like a group of bees.  Or the fizz from a shook up can of pop where the fizzing didn’t stop.  This was like 10 days of fermenting done in 4.  Greedy mead.


As for writing?

105 words on the couch, WIP:  Agent of Fate. It’s a pathetic number.  But it’s still a number.  I’ll take it.