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Gearing Up for Learning!

Ah, the joys of feeling better combined with a lot of great classes in April.

I’ve signed up for 4 classes.  That’s right, 4.  All through two chapters of RWA.

What started it was getting a forwarded message about a couple of workshops being done by the Kiss of Death chapter.  After my Criminal Minds addiction (hey, a great tv show when you’re trapped lying on a couch is a mind saver), seeing their workshop on Behavioural Portraits of Criminal Predators was a no brainer.

Aren’t all authors profilers in a way?

They are also offering a course called Organic Writer’s Guide to Plotting as You Go.  I’m a panster, or organic writer, and I’ve been trying to figure out how to plot more in my books but drawing a serious blank.  It’s like it’s tailor made for me.  Thank you, universe!  Oh, and the Kiss of Death chapter, too.

And hey, since I was checking out this chapter, I thought, why not check out the fantasy, futuristic and paranormal chapter as well?

I blame them for offering a course on writing as a business, just after I’ve done my taxes and realized I need to understand the business side more.  Their fault entirely that I’ve signed up for their course.

And then, having now joined the FF&P chapter, they sent out a notice of a 2 week free-for-members editing class.  Editing, the bane of my existence.  Right up there with plotting.

It, too, was a logical must.

But now I look at what I’ve committed to and my eyes are bulging out, just a little.  It’ll certainly keep me out of trouble.

Why are all these perfectly-suited-to-my-circumstances classes offered at the same time?

The only thing left to do now is learn, learn, learn.  Ride that rollercoaster and not get motion sick.

I can do it.  I have faith in me.