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Nature Walk: Four Lake Trails

This post could also easily have been called A Plague of Frogs or Spot the Wildlife or the Walk that Became a Hike.

Given that it’s summer and I can move again, I’m endeavouring to get outside and see parts of my local scenery that I haven’t seen for years or ever for that matter.  Yesterday’s walk (ha!  Minimal elevation changes, the website said, minimal elevation changes the park sign said, you know what I say?  HA!  It may not have been up a mountain, but it wasn’t that minimal of an elevation change–of course, the wrong turns didn’t help) or make that hike was the Four Lake Trails hike at Alice Lake.

As I mentioned, I took a wrong turn right off (didn’t even start on the main trail) but that meant I got to see some random little wildlife:

He came out a little blurry, but you get the idea.  Poor thing, almost stepped on him before I realized what I was seeing.  There were a multitude of great trees.  I particularly liked this hand reaching out to grab unwary passerbys:

There were also a couple of exposed root systems from upturned trees that were unusually twisted and knotty.

And pretty much everything was covered in moss.  And yes, that’s why I took this next picture, because of the moss, no other reason at all.

Of course, much smaller things were also interesting.  There were mushrooms galore. Baby mushrooms, strange mushrooms, pretty mushrooms, rotting mushrooms.  I’ll spare you the rotting mushrooms.  🙂

And now it’s time for:  spot the animal!

This one is easy, a handsome woodpecker decided to stick around long enough to have his picture taken.

Yes, that was easy.  But this next one isn’t.  There was a veritable plague of frogs in a couple of places.  When I put my foot down, the ground started moving, skittering away from me in all directions.  I had to look close before realizing that it was a slew of frogs.  So cute!  The frog is pretty much in the centre of the frame.  I swear.

This last ‘can you find’ picture is about stones, not animals.  And a pretty easy one.  There are some stone piles (or cairns or whatever you call them when they’re stacked and balanced on each other).  And there are three of them.  I tried to make it easy for you…

Alas, there is no spider to be found (well, not that I noticed) in this picture, but it was a great spiderweb nonetheless.

For the most part I was enclosed in forest and so lacked much of a view.  But when I came out into a small riverbed

I did get a great view of some unknown mountain.

Despite my extra meanderings (oops!) there was one trail I did not take.  For some reason it didn’t sound appealing…

And then finally I was at the last lake, Stump Lake.

After that it was stumble back to the car, finally get lunch and head home to relax (i.e. lie exhausted on the couch for the rest of the day, I really must remember I’m still recovering and can’t easily do as much as I used to).

Happy summer!