Plotting Blitz-Krieg

Did you know that blitzkrieg literally translated (from German) is lightening war?

Last night I had one of those special nights.  You know the type.  Or I hope you do so that I’m not alone.  I was mad at the world, mad at myself, vibrating from an unexpected trigger into an old emotional wound.  Okay, it’s not a wound, it’s a bog of emotional putrescence.

It was an unexpected emotional explosion and after having a lovely little meltdown I grabbed my whiteboard, two markers and the eraser.  (Thankfully I had already taken a picture of the whiteboard and printed it out – the joys of modern technology where my temporary canvas can be permanently captured.)

I erased all my previous work on this plot.  I haven’t been satisfied with my work on it to date but also haven’t been able to work through to a place I am proud of.  So whoosh, all of it was gone and I started just listing the bones of the story out, point form, down the left side of the board.

And since my emotions were burning high, in particular rage, I was willing to change anything in the plot.  This scene seem too easy?  Yes it does, so let’s kill someone, attack someone, or have chaos bite the protagonist in the arse.

I kept going until the very bare bones of the ending.  It still needs work; I’ll need to go through and pace the character development through it and further flesh out some sections.  Possibly even contemplate greater tortures to the characters.

I think I’ll also need to make sure there are some down moments.  Too much intensity for too long isn’t good either.  But I’m happy that I now err on the side of intensity.  A definite improvement.

And the added bonus?  I got to vent my emotions in an unusual and productive way.


3 responses to “Plotting Blitz-Krieg

  1. In my world, nothing worthwhile ever happens creatively without some intense “passion”. Others may call this a “rage”, “tantrum”, “drama” or “crisis”. I prefer the word passion, as it seems a bit more balanced and justified.

    But what it actually is, is “catharsis”:
    a : purification or purgation of the emotions (as pity and fear) primarily through art. b : a purification or purgation that brings about spiritual renewal or release from tension

    Congrats for tapping that creative well-spring! 🙂

    • samantha herne

      Passion is a great word and helps to move away from the “certain emotions are bad” ideology that is far too prevalent in our society. I have problems feeling anger so this was particularly good for me.

      If only it was always this easy! lol Thanks 🙂

  2. Hmmm, I usually try to avoid writing when I get in those moods, denying my need to write because I don’t want to ruin my plotting and the work I’ve already done on it. Maybe, next time I should let myself play with my story and see what happens (with permanent copies saved still, of course).

    I’m glad that it helped!

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