And the squirrel said…

Perspective shifting thought of the day:

Have you seen the movie Up from Disney/Pixar?  Not a requirement if you haven’t, just check out this you tube clip for a snapshot of what I’ll be talking about.  Okay, it’s just a weird jumping point for a random thought, but isn’t that what writers do?  Take some item in our world and then play with it, twist and turn and reshape it into something new, funky and hopefully entertaining.

Right, so the dogs in the movie have that classic distracted moment dogs have when something moves in the underbrush.  Squirrel?!  Is it a squirrel?  Is it something else?  I suppose in Up, if it really had been a squirrel the dogs wouldn’t have turned back to the conversation at hand.

But let’s presume for a moment that there is a squirrel there, irrespective of whether the dog confirms it and comes forward or doesn’t notice and turns away.

What would that moment be like from the perspective of the squirrel?

Would the squirrel pause with arrogant certainty that the dog is too stupid to realize it’s there if it just doesn’t move?

Would the squirrel panic?  Would it contemplate the existential reasons for what was happening?

And most a propos to the image that started this random thought, what would the squirrel say when it spotted the dog?


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  1. Paul Greathead


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