Story submitted!

Okay, I may have been quiet on here, but I’ve been active elsewhere!

April was the month of classes and I enjoyed them all.  The Business on a Shoestring was particularly fascinating since it was almost all new to me.  Thanks to Dr. Pepper I’m known logging my hours for all things related to my writing career.  Career, what a lovely word.

But today’s success is about getting in my short story submission to Misanthrope Press for their Etched Offerings pagan anthology.  While my story certainly is pagan-centric, I’m hoping not too dark for ’em.

So yay for my achievement of the day!  On to the next task:  buying Wicked tickets.  It’s finally come to Vancouver and a group of us are going together.  Saw it in New York and loved it and now I don’t have to travel across the continent to see it again.  Yippee!

Happy Friday to all 🙂


2 responses to “Story submitted!

  1. You have been quiet. It’s great to hear that you’re finally submitting. You’ll just have to keep us updated on whether or not you get accepted! I wish you luck, but I know your skill should carry you through without any trouble.

  2. Heya! Good to hear from you. I know, I’ve been too quiet. I have this hermitting tendency that can overtake me occasionally. Which can feel really good, but it’s bad for the friends and social networks lol.

    I’ll hear by the end of June. Here’s hoping. 🙂

    How’s your writing going?

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