Monthly Archives: January 2011

What I’m Doing while Confined to Flat Living

(Disclaimer:  I’m sorry for any links I don’t include.  I’m only just getting back to using the computer and the position I’m in makes it hard to use any keyboard keys outside of the main area, i.e. #’s, symbols, ctrl keys, etc.)

And why do I have this disclaimer and where the hell have I been?  The answer to the second question is essentially nowhere. Five weeks ago I was consigned to lying flat all day every day.  I have a herniated disc and both standing and sitting exacerbate the problem…not to mention causing extreme pain.

I’m very pleased to say that the extreme pain has passed, but that only lasts while I continue to lie flat all day every day.  (Getting the idea that I’m heartily sick of this situation?).  But hope springs eternal, usually first thing in the morning, and I hope that I continue to improve until I’m back to normal.

In the meantime, since I wasn’t able to work on the computer, my world has consisted of tv and books.  A lot of books.  I’ve read roughly a book a day, minus the days that were too painful and drugged up for reading and when the book was extra long and took two days.

My reading had been pretty much exclusively in the sci-fi, fantasy, urban fantasy areas.  My favorites have been:

  • Tanya Huffparticularly Enchantment Emporium which just had such a fabulously different premise.  The first five or so pages were off-putting for me given the number of characters introduced and my drug-fuzzed mind, but after getting through that, absolutely fabulous.  Her Valor series were also a great read.  I’ve liked her work in the past and was pleased with how she’s grown as a writer
  • Finally read the Harry Potter series.  Satisfying mostly because I can’t go see the latest movie (can’t sit for more than about 10 min you see).  Interesting to see the progression in writing.  And how the world is such a draw for everyone.  The apparent realness of it living believeably along side our scientific world.
  • Moon Called by Patricia Briggs.  LOVED this book.  I only read it a few days ago, so after reading about two dozen other books.  And it was rather like a breath of fresh air.  Her characters had a realism that was lovely (what I mean by this is that it really felt like as the reader I had stepped into a life that was in full swing, where the history of the characters mattered and not all interactions were brand spanking new).  Nice take on her urban fantasy setup too.
  • Soulless by Gail Carriger oh my god, what a fun fabulous read.  Set in the Victorian era, reading as if it was written then, with a quirky heroine, vampires and werewolves nicely integrated into society, and sporting the power of a properly crafted parasol.

I’ll likely share more of my reading experiences (because there are many) but for now I need to get off the computer.  Time’s up. Alas.