That’s right.  I’m giving Scrivener a try.  Taking my writing to a more organized level?  Perhaps.

I will say that even a few hours in, of just transferring over my work from NaNoWriMo, that it was already feeling more under control, more organized.  Apparently digital recipe cards work a hell of a lot better for me than the real thing.

Go figure.  I’m mildly disturbed by this.  I like my physical, hands-on world.  Going fully digital?  (Yes, despite my love and use of computers since the first one entered our house when I was eight.)  Disturbed.

Silly me.

But Scrivener seems pretty awesome so far.  If you have any experience with it, I’d love to hear your comments.


3 responses to “Scrivener

  1. Are you using the Windows or the Mac version? I’m a longtime Mac Scrivener user, but the Windows version doesn’t have all the features of the original. I hadn’t thought about it too much, but I think Scrivener did convert me to all-digital where my writing is concerned. That was a good thing, because I’d reached the point where I was bogged down in paper notebooks and attempts at organization using a couple of programs that really didn’t do what I wanted — needed. Scrivener pulled everything together for me, letting me throw every last bit of stuff for a story into one project where it was all at my fingertips. It’s also flexible enough that I don’t feel I have to adjust my working style to fit the program.

    Life has plenty of space for hands-on. If going digital with your writing works better for you, you’ll get comfortable with it eventually.

  2. Mac version. I converted to Mac for home use about 2 years ago and can’t imagine going back.

    Got any tips or tricks that you adore about it that you want to share?

  3. Great! I wouldn’t have any useful advice if it was the Windows version. I like to have instant access to my various projects, and I found that you can drag the icon from the top of a Scrivener project to the desktop and it will create an alias. Click on the alias and it will open the program if it isn’t already open.

    If you haven’t explored the contextual menu (right mouse click and hold), it’s amazing how many functions Scrivener has packed in there. My favorite, when I’m into word count, is highlighting the section I want to count and doing the right click.

    Another good one is dictionary access. Highlight the word and the dictionary link will be in the contextual menu. If the word is spelled incorrectly, the correct spelling will be at the top. Click on it to replace.

    There are probably more, but that’s all I can think of at the moment. Hope there’s a good one for you among them.

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