Monthly Archives: December 2010


That’s right.  I’m giving Scrivener a try.  Taking my writing to a more organized level?  Perhaps.

I will say that even a few hours in, of just transferring over my work from NaNoWriMo, that it was already feeling more under control, more organized.  Apparently digital recipe cards work a hell of a lot better for me than the real thing.

Go figure.  I’m mildly disturbed by this.  I like my physical, hands-on world.  Going fully digital?  (Yes, despite my love and use of computers since the first one entered our house when I was eight.)  Disturbed.

Silly me.

But Scrivener seems pretty awesome so far.  If you have any experience with it, I’d love to hear your comments.


It’s the annoying things…

Location:  couch (but hey, I got an hour of walking, physio and stretching in so I’m okay with that)
WIP:  Agent of Fate
Work:  outlining

Yep, it’s outlining time.  This novel was pushed out faster than others in the past so before I hit the finishline on it I need to go back, add in some subplots, get it all organized and add in those scenes I know that I juts danced on by.

To do all these wonderful things I must outline what I have, get it onto cue cards and post-its and spend some fun time organizing.  I’m looking forward to that part.  Not so much on the outlining.  But I’m plugging away on it.


Tireful writing

Location:  Honda dealership (getting snow tires put on)
WIP:  Agent of Fate
# words:  1009

Yep, got my words in while at the car dealership getting the snow tires put on.  Take it where and when you can get it.  No one’s going to offer it.  And waiting just means missing it.  It also means never getting all the rest of what you long for at the end of the writing process, down to, and most importantly including, the book.

Did you seize your writing day?

Beet Mead is Greedy!

I got home today and my fourth batch of mead (though you must understand I only started making my first batch about a month ago) had—okay, backing up.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about mead is a honey alcohol (grapes lead to wine, hops to beer, honey to mead).  This particular batch of mead on my counter is going through its primary fermentation stage (stick it all in a bucket with yeast and let the yeast eat the honey to create the wonderfulness of alcohol).  I’m experimenting – it’s primary ingredient (besides the honey) is beets.

Yes, this is strange, but what’s life without a little experimentation?

So I set it all in motion on Sunday.  Today is Wednesday.  Now I don’t know much about ‘normal’.  This is only my fourth time ever and I don’t know the results yet for my first batches.  But what I’ve been told is that you wait about a week and a half before ‘racking’ the mead which means putting it in a glass jar with an airlock on it to head into the land of secondary fermentation (okay, I’m guessing at the label but it seems reasonable).

Again, today is Wednesday.  It’s been 4 days.  4.  And the damn mead ate all the honey.  It was buzzing so strong for the first three days that it was like a group of bees.  Or the fizz from a shook up can of pop where the fizzing didn’t stop.  This was like 10 days of fermenting done in 4.  Greedy mead.


As for writing?

105 words on the couch, WIP:  Agent of Fate. It’s a pathetic number.  But it’s still a number.  I’ll take it.