Deadlines are great encouragement

Or horrible depressing nightmares that latch onto you and refuse to let go until they have wrung the very marrow from our bones.

Deadlines can encourage us to get off our asses, or in the cases of writers frequently onto our asses (though treaddesks are fabulous for a different option), and get the sh*t done.

Meanwhile they can encourage ulcers (though apparently that’s genetic, not just stress), forge new gray hairs and set the eyelids to twitching.

Either way, I guess you could say it”s not boring.  I could use a little boring.

Writing location:  couch
WIP:  A Bottle of Djinn
Editing: 1.5 hours
Sent out into the world:  short story (hopefully) for an anthology


One response to “Deadlines are great encouragement

  1. Yeah deadlines are like dentists. I suppose they do you good, but they’re not a pleasant experience. And nothing focuses your attention more than someone wearing a mask and holding a drill in your mouth.

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