Beats and Beets

Site of writing:  half on treaddesk, half on couch
WIP:  A Bottle of Djinn
# words: 1474

Today is a deadline push through day.  Rough draft of short story done.  Tomorrow edit and send off.  Yes, nothing quite like leaving things to the last minute.  I blame NaNoWriMo.  Which I believe I rather legitimately can.  After all, I’d set it as the primary priority.

It’s been interesting work on the story, trying to get the pacing right (i.e. beats).  Meanwhile on the counter a new batch of mead is on the go.  Beet mead this time.  Total experiment so only doing a 1 gallon batch.  It’s literally frothing after just one day.  And sometime in the next year I’ll know how it turns out.  Patience.  It’s teaching me patience.  Yay?


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