Getting the necessities done

Site of writing:  recliner couch w/ lapdesk
WIP:  A Bottle of Djinn
# words:  521

It’s been a good day.  Which really means that I did some number of things on my list that I needed (and wanted) to get done.  Starting with sleeping in, which was marvelous.  Then there was…well, doesn’t matter what it was.  The point I want to share is that this list did not all get done, but enough of it did to feel good about how the day went.

(I highly recommend spending a few minutes at the end of the day going through the things that you did and how you felt about them at the time.  Especially on an accomplished day, you get to feel extra good about what you did.  And if it wasn’t an accomplished day you get the chance to contemplate what the avoidance was satisfying deep inside you.)

There were only two things missing, one hasn’t a chance at happening but the other was getting some writing.  So I sat down here at the end of the night and snuck in 45 minutes of work on the short story.  I call that a win.


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