Accountability Here I come

I can’t believe I’m doing this.  No, seriously, I’ve got a bad case of the trepidations.  Heart beating faster, hands sweating.

I’m about to make a commitment.  To myself.  Stated to the world.  Thus the accountability.  And I’m certainly taking my sweet time about it, eh?

Okay, here goes.

From now until Mexico (which should be at the end of April) I will blog each day that I write.  I may be short and I may be sour…and I may well blog on a non-writing day.  But for each and every day that I write, I will blog.  Progress, failures, learning moments.  Or ruminations on the power of chaos.

And now I’ve said it to the world.

Oy, crap.


2 responses to “Accountability Here I come

  1. Those are fine words, but they butter no parsnips.
    I fully support you in your ambitions, and would like to help by offering to punish you if you don’t keep your commitment. Of course you wouldn’t *dream* of missing a day, but if you did, how would you prefer to receive your ‘encouragement’? hmmm?
    And *don’t* go to Mexico tomorrow just to get out of it! I’m watching you!

  2. LOL ooooh, punishment. 😀

    I would like to point out that I promise to blog every day that I write but NOT that I will write everyday. Mind you, if I disappear off the blog, it doesn’t bode well for the writing. It’s a sneaky interwoven but limited commitment.

    And alas, Mexico is not for months. Though tomorrow would be good. 😀

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