My Couch Needs Cup Holders

If you’re going to become a recluse, consumed with getting out the next couple of hundred words onto the glowing screen, amenities such as cup holders seem more like necessities.

Without a cup holder, I have to reach!  Yes, reach for that pesky cup of non-caffeinated beverage (I gave up caffeine a couple of years ago due to extreme reactive tendencies, trust me, it’s better for all of us).  It’s a cruel and distracting requirement.

Over the last two and a half weeks I’ve been digesting the joys of SiWC 2010 which was fabulous on too many levels.  So much learned, so much to try and remember.  And then there’s that pesky integration into my actual writing to somehow accomplish.

But then November 1st arrived and none of that mattered.  It’s time for the climb to personal accomplishment (or for overwrought competitive tendencies to come to the fore and push me to pass my ‘buddies’ on the way to the end goal lol) that is NaNoWriMo.  50,000 words in 30 days.  Today being day 13, I’m at 27k words which places me in the ‘ahead’ category.  But given that I’m not obsessed with writing the book through which on first draft I’m thinking will be about 75k words, there’s still a ways to go.

In order to meet my goals, I need hot beverages and that means…cup holders.

My treadmill has cup holders.  Which would be a good thing given that I’ve taken to writing on it, but unfortunately, in order to get my old hand-me-down monitor (flat screen, life’s not that scary) to sit at a good height, the cup holders had to get appropriated for other duty.  Now when I use it the cup holders have pieces up wood resting from the edge of the holder over to the top of a stack of old kid’s movies (because those old vhs kid cases are big and okay, yes, they were readily available).  The monitor shelf is on top of that. So much for the treadmill’s cup holders.

But drinking hot beverages while walking is not necessarily the best idea anyway.

So the beverages are reserved for the desk, which has coasters and that’s fine, and the couch which has no drinking station.  Which is clearly a problem.

It’s distracting having to move the lapdesk aside in order to reach the beverage.  Not to mention the strain on my muscles.  It’s a clear interruption of the writing process.

Plus, and this may be the worst of all, the infrequent reaching for the mug results in a tepid beverage.  Tepid!  I boil water for tisane’s for the express purpose of having a hot beverage.  If I wanted tepid I’d boil it that way.

Cup holders. My world would be a full step closer to perfection if my couch had cup holders.


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