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Deadlines are great encouragement

Or horrible depressing nightmares that latch onto you and refuse to let go until they have wrung the very marrow from our bones.

Deadlines can encourage us to get off our asses, or in the cases of writers frequently onto our asses (though treaddesks are fabulous for a different option), and get the sh*t done.

Meanwhile they can encourage ulcers (though apparently that’s genetic, not just stress), forge new gray hairs and set the eyelids to twitching.

Either way, I guess you could say it”s not boring.  I could use a little boring.

Writing location:  couch
WIP:  A Bottle of Djinn
Editing: 1.5 hours
Sent out into the world:  short story (hopefully) for an anthology


Beats and Beets

Site of writing:  half on treaddesk, half on couch
WIP:  A Bottle of Djinn
# words: 1474

Today is a deadline push through day.  Rough draft of short story done.  Tomorrow edit and send off.  Yes, nothing quite like leaving things to the last minute.  I blame NaNoWriMo.  Which I believe I rather legitimately can.  After all, I’d set it as the primary priority.

It’s been interesting work on the story, trying to get the pacing right (i.e. beats).  Meanwhile on the counter a new batch of mead is on the go.  Beet mead this time.  Total experiment so only doing a 1 gallon batch.  It’s literally frothing after just one day.  And sometime in the next year I’ll know how it turns out.  Patience.  It’s teaching me patience.  Yay?

Getting the necessities done

Site of writing:  recliner couch w/ lapdesk
WIP:  A Bottle of Djinn
# words:  521

It’s been a good day.  Which really means that I did some number of things on my list that I needed (and wanted) to get done.  Starting with sleeping in, which was marvelous.  Then there was…well, doesn’t matter what it was.  The point I want to share is that this list did not all get done, but enough of it did to feel good about how the day went.

(I highly recommend spending a few minutes at the end of the day going through the things that you did and how you felt about them at the time.  Especially on an accomplished day, you get to feel extra good about what you did.  And if it wasn’t an accomplished day you get the chance to contemplate what the avoidance was satisfying deep inside you.)

There were only two things missing, one hasn’t a chance at happening but the other was getting some writing.  So I sat down here at the end of the night and snuck in 45 minutes of work on the short story.  I call that a win.

Getting Moving

Treadmill:  65 minutes at a nice mellow speed
Words on treadmill:  1582
WIP:  Agent of Fate
Additional words:  1832

Day one of new commitment.  And what do I have to show for it?  I finished NaNoWriMo!  That’s right, I hit the 50k word mark tonight.  Woohooo!  Party time!

Okay, so it’s like another 40k words until the novel is actually done and then there’s all the editing and the rest of the work, but I set a goal and met it, so yeeha!

Happy weekending to everyone!

Accountability Here I come

I can’t believe I’m doing this.  No, seriously, I’ve got a bad case of the trepidations.  Heart beating faster, hands sweating.

I’m about to make a commitment.  To myself.  Stated to the world.  Thus the accountability.  And I’m certainly taking my sweet time about it, eh?

Okay, here goes.

From now until Mexico (which should be at the end of April) I will blog each day that I write.  I may be short and I may be sour…and I may well blog on a non-writing day.  But for each and every day that I write, I will blog.  Progress, failures, learning moments.  Or ruminations on the power of chaos.

And now I’ve said it to the world.

Oy, crap.


That’s right.  I don’t wanna.

I don’t want to clean my kitchen.

I don’t want to write the next series of words for my story.

I don’t want to do anything but sit, get inebriated and tell life what it can go do with itself.

I don’t feel particularly depressed.  But I do feel squished, too many things, too many deadlines, a lot of random roadblocks and side trips today, and not enough time to get it all done in.  Instead of inspiring me, it has me grumpy and avoidant.

I have written a couple hundred words, and I will write a couple of hundred more before calling it quits for the night.  But oh how I want to call it quits right this very second.

Some days I really hate being an adult.

Enjoying a moment of satisfaction

That’s right, I am.

I got my word quota done tonight by 9 p.m.  9!  Not 10, not 10:30 or even 11, but 9!  I’ve only been home since 6:30 and had to get some dinner in there.  9.  So fabulous.

And you know what’s even better?  I did almost all of it while walking on the treadmill.  Treaddesks are definitely way to go.  I got in my exercise and my words.

But the point of this blog post is to remind me (and any of you who care to be reminded) that it’s important to take these moments of satisfaction and suck them bone f*cking dry.

As writer’s we drive ourselves crazy, are always faced with that ‘but there’s x more still to do’, never actually done working feeling.  Like being in University all over again when there was always another paper, another exam, another chapter to read waiting for your attention.

When these moments of satisfaction happen they have to be grabbed and savoured.  I want to crawl into it and wrap myself in it, roll around and coat myself in it, drink it until heady with it.

And how did I spend my extra time?  Why writing about it, of course!