Settling in to work

I’m trying!  Really I am!

Okay, clearly not really.  If I actually put my will to it, I’d be editing my novel right now, not typing up a blog post.  So obviously the procrastination has a leg up on the getting shit done.

But at least I’m writing?

Actually, I’m feeling pretty confident that I’ll put down the distractions and settle in shortly to the work my heart 3/4 wants to do.  The other 1/4 is contemplating all the other ‘feel good’ things I could do.

I spent some portion of last night reading through Robert J. Sawyer’s recent note on the future of the industry.  While fantasy is only one area I write in, it is my personal love, and reading his thoughts on SF in particular and the industry in general and the replies to his post, well it drummed out a bit of my optimism which is a necessity for any aspiring writer in my opinion.

But I certainly can’t stop now!  Dammit, this novel is going to be ready to go and the query letters are going out by the end of this week if it kills me.

Or, well, preferably someone else.  😉

Just kidding.


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