I am trying to remind myself that downtime is important, too.

Sometimes I get so focussed on showing up to write that I start feeling what I did at the end of my bachelor’s degree:  a freaked out need for freedom.

In university, the only true free time was during the break between semesters.  Otherwise there was always something you should be doing:  reading, writing, studying, completing a project and on and on.

Sometimes I get to feeling that way about writing.

That I should be writing before anything else.  Most of the time I encourage this feeling.  It helps to get me in front of the computer and working my heart out.

But there are times when that intensity backfires, when it becomes a burden.  And that’s when I need to give myself permission to relax.  That would be the trick of it.  Honestly giving myself permission to “waste time”.  (Don’t I realize I could be writing?)

Tonight, I am enjoying some downtime.  Or trying to.  :/


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