Showing Up – Yes, I have Plans

Robert A Heinlinn’s first rule of writing is that you must write.

Actually sit down and put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, chalk to wall and get the words out of your soul and into a realm that other people could conceivably one day experience them.

You have to show up. You have to say ‘yes, this is a priority, yes, I’m going to sit on my balcony and pound away at the keys, yes, I’m going to say no to going out YET AGAIN so I can finish editing this story’.

This is me showing up. In just a minute, once this post is done, I will switch over to working on my current WIP (that’s work in progress for the other nubes who, like me, get stuck trying to figure out the jargon).

This blog is about sharing what works for me, what doesn’t, my successful days and the failures, and to have those moments (hopefully) reflected and shared back by fellow artists.

Dammit, I’m showing up to write. I choose to live my dream, not just fantasize it. And now I’ve put it out into the world to be held accountable to anyone who has the desire to comment.

I must trust that is a good thing. Ah, trust, that is a topic for a different day.

Writing calls. Rather insiduously.



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